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In the heart of Lapland

Summer Activities

We offer you custom made activities, all according to your needs and expectations. Some activities are guided, and others are self-guided activities. The self-guided activities are  well planned and easy to do yourself.  Get inspiration by clicking one of the pictures below.



Paddle on the lake of Soutjujärvi under the midnight sun, or maybe on a hot summer day. 



Skaulo gives great opportunities for fishing experiences. The villages Skaulo & Puoltikasvaara is located by the Lake of Soutujärvi. About 50 kilometers from Skaulo you will also find the Kaitum River, which among many fishers is told to be one of Swedens best fishing spots.


The area of Skaulo is perfect for hiking tours. There are shorter trails going to great views in the area. Or if you would like to go for a longer hiking torus, many hikers uses Skaulo as a basecamp for their adventures.

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