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the heart of Lapland


Welcome to Skaulo. A small village located halfway between Gällivare and Kiruna municipalities. In the center, and in the heart of Lapland. The village is connected by the intertwined roads E10/E45 which runs through the city. The lake Soutujärvi  is located by the village, and is giving opportunities for great fishing, swimming or boat tours.


The village has a small grocery store with gas station, an in the neighboring village Puoltikasvaara you will find a café and Tesla Supercharger. Despite great communications and service offerings, the fantastic nature in Lapland is right outside your door.  Many hikers uses this area a a basecamp for excursions both south and north. 

The village of Skaulo was founded in 1666, but archeologist have found skis dated to around 500 AD in the areas. 

norrsken pvaara.jpg


The winter in Skaulo gives you amazing treats. The white cloak of snow forming sculptures in the freezing landscape. If you are a bit lucky, you will experience the northern lights dancing in the skies. 


The winter in Swedish Lapland is offering a wide range of winter activities outside, like snowmobile, skiing, ice-fishing.

Afterwards a warm cup of coffee made over an open flames, or maybe a hot sauna is just what you need.

Just remember to be well equipped for the sometimes harsh winter in Skaulo.



The days are getting lighter and the temperatures warmer. Many locals consider the spring in Skaulo as the most beautiful with great possibilities for activities such as ski-tours, ice fishing and snowmobile expeditions. 

Just remember the sun cream. The sun in Swedish Lapland might be very bright when it comes back from the winter rest.

Lakeside cottage skaulo 1 11.JPG
Image by Niklas Jonasson
Image by Niklas Jonasson


The summer in Skaulo is short but intense. The midnight sun, making the nights almost as light as the days gives you extra hours for activities such as hiking or fishing.

Take a swim in the Lake of Soutujärvi and bewittness the extraordinary experience of enjoying the midnight light. 


Just remember the mosquito repellent. You see the mosquitoes also love the midnight sun.


The Autumn in Skaulo gives you spectacular views as the nature is showing itself in thousands of colors. The nights are getting darker and the insects are getting fewer. Many people think this is the best time for hiking tours in the area. If your are lucky you might get a glimpse of the northern lights introducing itself again after the summer break.

Just remember the camera, catching the autumn colors reflecting in the Lake of Soutujärvi.

Image by Hendrik Morkel
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