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The Heart Of Lapland

Welcome to Skaulo, where you will find yourself in the heart of Lapland.

Here you will experience fantastic nature wether you are hiking in the area or just looking outside the window of one of our accommodations.  


Many of our guests use Skaulo as a base for longer hiking tours to the national parks, Kiruna, Abisko and Jokkmokk.

We have accommodation for tourists and workers, good food that we prepare in the Bistro and tasty beer that we produce in our microbrewery.

Bart´s Bistro

Welcome to


About Bart

Welcome to Skaulo. My home since 2007 when I decided to move from Antwerp in Belgium after working as a guide in the area. Now 15 years later the small village in the heart of Lapland have become my place on earth. 


A place I love to show to everyone visting, and my goal is to give my guests the same experience as the one I got first time I visited Skaulo.


Before I started Nordic-Trail I worked as a civil engineer, chef, restaurant manager and as a beer brewer. Experiences which gave me the inspiration to start my own business with the goal of giving other people the wonderful experience of Swedish Lapland.


I have also followed my dream of starting my own micro brewery and I am passionate about making good articrafted beer, local produced in small volumes, well adapted to the varied seasons in northern Sweden. In my bistro, opening in 2023, my plan is to serve dishes from the amazing Lapland cuisine with local ingredients and delicacies. 

Welcome to Skaulo, and welcome to be my guest in the Heart of Lapland.

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Tack för ditt meddelande!

Image by Ian Keefe
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